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Exclusive Finance UK Ltd is a leading finance broker and specialise in Secured and Unsecured Loans from some of the best lenders in the market. We are able to offer other unsecured and secured loan broker services in relation to car finance, debt management and IVA's.

Initially Exclusive Finance was only available to members of the public; however in January 2008, due to our knowledge and experience, we launched into the competitive packager market place, catering for other businesses who had secured loans to place, acting as a master loan broker throughout the UK. Since the launch, we now have over 230 brokers registered with ourselves and are proud of the strong relationships we have with both lenders and brokers alike, offering secured loans, unsecured loans, debt management and more.

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We understand that all businesses are different and are happy to personalise the service you want to suit your requirements. When you choose us as your master broker, we can guarantee that you will see instant benefits. Whether you are a secured loan broker, debt management broker, or a broker specialising in residential and BTL mortgages, when you choose us, we have access to services unavailable to regular finance brokers, meaning that we can help you gain the best deal possible for your clients.

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At Exclusive we have tried to cater for our loan brokers by offering a wide range of services, in effect making us a one stop shop for most introducers needs.

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Commission Structure - For ALL Secured loans, Unsecured loans, Debt management & IVA’s.

At Exclusive we believe in a straightforward and fair commission split.

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